Successful Single Cell Omics workshop organized by Jörn Walter

The two day workshop ‘Advances in single cell epigenomics’ was hosted from November 22-23 within the framework of Single Cell Omics Germany (SCOG) near Saarbrücken. The network brings together researchers using and developing single cell technologies providing a platform for exchange to strengthen single cell research nationally and to connect it with relevant international initiatives. Next to Jörn Walter from the Saarland University Joachim Schreiber from the University of Bonn is the second SYSCID partner actively involved in this project.

Organizing meetings on a regular basis, next up is an international workshop on computational single cell genomics (26-27 March) followed by a Hackathon (27-28 March) in Munich. If you want to find out more about SCOG and the upcoming workshops, please follow this link.