1st SYSCID concept paper published

SYSCID partners have published their first concept paper on the role of resilience mechanisms of the gut microbiome in Nature Reviews Microbiology (available open access after 6 month). In this paper we discuss the concepts and mechanisms of microbial resilience against dietary, antibiotic or bacteriotherapy-induced perturbations and their implications for chronic inflammatory disease (CID). The temporal variation of the microbiome and its potential predictive power for the diagnosis and prognosis of CID is an important point analyzed in SYSCID.

Furthermore, SYSCID strengthens existing ties between the partners which led to two recent publications related to CID:  “Fine-mapping inflammatory bowel disease loci to single-variant resolution”, published in Nature and “A Proposal for a Study on Treatment Selection and Lifestyle Recommendations in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases: A Danish Multidisciplinary Collaboration on Prognostic Factors and Personalised Medicine”, published in Nutrients.

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